I am kä-i-sə. Or this is what they say.

You are probably not looking for this page and you may want to read some blog posts or see some random interesting resources.

But if you still want to enable stalking mode here it goes:

These are the places where I spend most of my free time. You can reach out to me there.

Personal projects

emacsthemes - a site listing screenshots of most of the Themes for GNU Emacs.


Please minimize the use of Facebook. Spend more time with people face to face and don't send shallow messages or share photos just to brag.

Please minimize Google services use. There is DuckDuckGo which can help you most of the time and ProtonMail for really secure email services.

Use Chromium instead of Google Chrome, OR better, Firefox.

Please try to avoid Apple products. Spend your money on better, cheaper alternatives.

Try to use as much as you can Free & Open Source software and be nice about it.

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